Custom publishing

Do you have something to say? Say it with style. We can help you create custom-made quarterly digital publications in Mandarin. That way you can deliver your brand messages with more powerfully by focusing on your travel destination through the lens of the China Elite Focus style, sophistication and glamorous touch.

Our editors are experts in delivering articles with the precise tone of voice, design and style that will appeal to the elite audience that can be your destination’s best customers.

Different readers, different strategies
After all, different audiences require very different strategies. A message that connects with a senior businessman from Guangzhou planning a leisure trip through the Italian countryside with his extended family will be very different from a marketing campaign that captures the consumer interest of a 25-year-old fashion addict from Shanghai jetting out to Los Angeles for the party scene.

Similarly, convincing an upper-middle class couple from Beijing to choose New Zealand as a honeymoon destination is different from the strategy of influencing a high-net-worth factory owner from Shanxi province to purchase a desert island in the Caribbean. Getting the message just right depends on a deep understanding of Chinese culture and how it affects their respective outbound travel decisions.

Our Editors, Your Direction
Our Chinese editors, all based in Shanghai, generate the highest quality of content perfectly customized to represent your destination. Whether your organization represents a country, region, state, city, or private enterprise, you can rest assured that you will be in full control. We handle the writing so you can oversee the selection of articles and topics with the help of insightful advice of our experienced editors.

As your private magazine will be a China Elite Focus publication, you can rely on beautiful design and carefully selected, stunning images of your destination that reinforce all of your brand messaging.

We partner with Gervois magazine, a luxury travel publication from Gervois Hotel Rating, to add a glamorous touch to the art of travel.

The Creative Team and Success Metrics
Our creative team will create an appealing title in Mandarin and weʼll take charge of every aspect of the publishing process: arrangement of articles, text editing, lay out, digital publishing, and distribution. When your magazine is ready for the world, we take care of promotion on all Chinese social media networks. We measure its success in terms of tracking data on the number and engagement of subscribers.

You will own all the rights to the content created and will be able to re-use it for all your future promotion campaigns. Your quarterly publication will be available on the iPad as well as Android tablets to reach the maximum number of affluent customers. Your own professional digital magazine will create a permanent bond between your destination and Chinese visitors, both now and well into the future.
Find out today what a dedicated Chinese magazine can do for your organization.