Destination branding

You want to attract affluent Chinese travelers to your destination and you know it takes more than measuring the click throughs, viewable impressions, pass-along rates and delta followers.

Grabbing the attention of wealthy world travelers and motivating them to visit your destination is a matter of creating an emotional bond with them across the continents. It takes carefully crafted writing and meticulously composed images. It takes thousands of touches across articles, videos, social media posts, blogs, comments, and tweets to make a travel destination stands out in this crowded marketplace of countless travel options.
It takes an intelligent and dedicated strategy of audience engagement to make a place becomes a desirable lifestyle experience for millions of affluent Chinese travelers. That is precisely what we can offer you at China Elite Focus, from investigatory marketing statistics to fulfillment of igniting passion for a leisure destination.

Buzz builders
Through our unmatched expertise in branding international travel & tourism brands to affluent Chinese travelers, we have learned how to quantify audience desire. We have the power to implement seamlessly integrated social media marketing, extend the reach of traditional advertisement in our publications, and generate a buzz on all major Chinese luxury travel and lifestyle social media networks. All you have to bring is the details of your destination and a passion to succeed.

Before booking a flight, hotel, or local activity on a leisure trip, Chinese travelers tend to start their research on the Chinese web at least three months in advance. Studies show that banner ads on booking sites have very little influence on their decisions. They have already consulted their friends on social media networks and made up their minds before proceeding to the final booking process.

Influencer impression formation
Thatʼs why influencing their choice on Chinese social media is a critical in impression formation. You can be certain that here at China Elite Focus, our magazine publishing business has given us access to the key opinion influencers in the field of lifestyle and travel. We know how to garner positive reviews from trendsetters on their personal blogs and social media pages.

Affluent Chinese consumers are burnt out by flashy banner ads and irrelevant in-stream advertising that they see all day long on the web and on their social networks. These travelers are sophisticated and thorough, as these qualities have brought them the level of affluence that they have been able to obtain. They search for genuine, well-written content covering first-hand overseas travel experience. That is where we excel.

Smiles and dreams
Unlike generalist social media agencies, our team works exclusively on travel & tourism campaigns. From top to bottom, we are well acquainted with all influential Chinese luxury travel social media networks, video sharing platforms, instant messaging services and mobile apps that affluent Chinese travelers check during the planning phase of their leisure trip abroad.

We create beautifully crafted branded content that syncs up with the aspirations of Chinese travelers. We create a deep emotional connection our clientʼs destination and brand.

Like the world’s best travel experiences, we exist to build smiles and manufacture dreams.