Luxury Hotels of America

The United States holds a unique status for the mega-wealthy Chinese traveler. Highly affluent Free and Independent Travelers (FITs) from China depend on Luxury Hotels of America magazine to provide them all the best insider information about luxury travel destinations within the US.

FITs are seeking the absolute finest of Americaʼs hotels, resorts, and spas with a focus on “hidden gems” that only the elite frequent. They want more than luxury.

They want to find a piece of history.

Unique properties and destinations with fascinating backstories deeply rooted in American culture hold a special charm for these travelers. They are in search of first-hand knowledge of genuine American lifestyle experiences.

A sample of Luxury Hotels of America articles would include:

The America from Hollywood films and television exists only on the screen. The sophisticated and well-traveled readers of Luxury Hotels of America have a love for discovering the “Real America” beyond cliches and major tourist destinations. Many are frequent and experienced travelers to the US with the resources and the stamina to go the distance. They are not intimidated about trekking through breath-taking national park land and enjoy the beauty of a raw and untouched nature far beyond the last traces of civilization.

Chinese FITs seek out the finest, the most unique, the rarest of America’s varied properties and experiences.

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