Niuyue Mag

New York City is made for the young and young at heart. The next big thing is always on its way and city never sleeps because there is just too much to do. The young and affluent Chinese travelers who have made NYC into a hot destination now have a magazine that speaks to them in their own voice.

Urban, trendy, cool. Niuyue Mag is a revolving collections of eye-candy images and up-to-the-second reviews that these young travels crave. Topics covered include: Urban culture, new fashion designers, boutique hotels, contemporary art galleries, cutting edge bars and nightclubs to see and be seen by the people who matter most to them.

Niuyue Mag connects with Chinese trendsetters and hipsters who working primarily for the fashion and media industries in China. They love their always-on social media and they live for Likes, Tweets and Pins. They’ve landed in the Big Apple to track down the hottest trends and present their finds to friends back home, especially American brands and unique experiences not yet available in China.

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