Social Media PR & Marketing on China’s leading luxury travel blogs, social media and websites

What we do

The word of mouth is essential for the Chinese travelers when the time comes to choose their hotel, activity, or destination abroad. Travel blogs on the Chinese web as well as social media are the best place for future travelers to ask for advice about their next trip abroad. China Elite Focus has carefully selected the most representative blogs and social media about hotels, resorts and holidays abroad.We conduct online buzz marketing sessions with our team of Chinese bloggers and social media experts that endorse your hotel, tour, or destination. We have direct access to Key Opinion Leaders in luxury outbound travel who can endorse your destination and create a positive Word of Mouth effect with other affluent Chinese travelers.
Each month, we send a detailed report, tracking and monitoring the promotion and recognition of your services on these chosen blogs and social media. Recognized as the leading Social Media Marketing agency, China Elite Focus has managed successful social media campaigns for clients in more than 20 countries since 2008.
The result
An innovative and highly trustworthy means of communicating with Chinese travelers, using online buzz marketing.

China Elite Focus is the sole advertising agency for China’s leading luxury travel publications:

Shanghai Travelers’ Club

Undisputably China’s leading luxury travel magazine for High Net Worth Chinese outbound travelers

Niuyue Mag

Stylish and urban magazine about New York City for young and affluent Chinese tourists in New York City

Luxury Hotels of America

The most beautiful hotels and resorts in the United States for discerning and affluent Chinese travelers


Exclusive Golf experiences in the United States for affluent Chinese golf players

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Targeting affluent Chinese consumers with the Shanghai Travelers’ Club

What we do
The Shanghai Travelers’s Club is certainly the most prestigious luxury travel club in China. With 3,400 members, all affluent Chinese frequent travelers, this club is the ideal place to build the reputation of a luxury hotel or a high end destination. As the official marketing partner of the Shanghai Travelers’ Club, we will build with you the best sponsoring strategy to promote your services in the very influential Club members’ newsletter trough articles, interviews, and special issues entirely dedicated to your services. Please note that the Club has the right to select the sponsors according to its standards of luxury and excellence in travel services.
The result
A highly targeted way of reaching wealthy Chinese travelers and infuence their choice of destination.
Media Kit on request.

Public Relations Events in Shanghai for Chinese VIP Travelers

What  we do
We organize for you a specific VIP event in the most exclusive Shanghai members-only business clubs to promote your   luxury hotel, resort, or destination. According to your budget and your target customers, we select the best location, choose the number of guests, and create the event’s concept. During the invitation only event the guests are entertained and exposed to your services and the special privileges you will offer to them: i.e. discounts,  special packages, welcome gifts, etc. After the event, we will send to you the participants’ list with personal contact information, for use in further promotions.
The result
A custom-made VIP event that will introduce your brand to affluent Chinese travelers and give you the opportunity to meet (and convince) them personally.
Rate Card on request.

Online Advertisement in Travel and Tourism Chinese Websites

What we do
In conjunction with our client, we first define your global on-line advertisement budget for a determined period. We help you to perfectly adjust your budget for a maximum ROI.
According to your objectives and target, we carefully select the most appropriate websites, and define the media-mix for your campaign resulting in the greatest impact on Chinese travelers.
After  your validation of the campaign, we negotiate the best rates with the chosen websites. We then launch and control the campaign. A final report including the results is sent to you.
The result
We build and implement successful advertisement campaigns in the most popular travel and tourism websites viewed by millions of Chinese travelers preparing for their next trip abroad.

Advertisement in Leading Chinese Travel and Lifestyle Magazines

What we do

In conjunction with you, we first define your global advertisement budget in magazines for a determined period. We help you to perfectly adjust your budget for a maximum ROI. According to your objectives and target, we carefully select the most appropriate travel and lifestyle Chinese magazines. After  your validation of the campaign, we negotiate the best rates with the chosen magazines, to obtain the maximum discount available. We then we launch and control the campaign. Several copies of each magazines will be sent to you.
The result
We build and implement successful advertisement campaigns in the most influential travel and lifestyle Chinese magazines read by affluent travelers preparing their next trip abroad.

Outdoor Advertisement in Main Chinese Cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou)

What we do
Vibrant cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou offer highly creative outdoor media. Advertisements on large LED screens and street furniture as well as in the subway and airports, are particularly adapted to promote national and regional destinations, and  therefore are widely use by tourism boards. China Elite Focus has an in-depth knowledge of all the leading Chinese outdoor media companies. this allows us to build creative campaigns, mixing several outdoor media, and focusing on precise consumers groups. We will carefully plan your campaign   during strategic periods of the year when Chinese tourists plan their holidays  and are eager to explore new exciting destinations.
The result
Using this type of media, your campaign will  durably catch the attention of the World’s fastest growing group of outbound travelers.

Professional Translation Services from English to Chinese

What  we do

Even if it may seem secondary, the first step of an effective marketing campaign is having an accurate Chinese translation for your website and commercial documents. Our team of professional translators, who graduated from Chinese universities in translation science, provide the highest possible quality of translation, taking into consideration the cultural and social mores specific to China. An accurate professional translation will tremendously increase your company’s reputation among Chinese tourists.
The result
Your website will be easily understood and recognized by customers. In addition, it will generate the trust of your prospective Chinese clients and keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

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