We publish magazines

China Elite Focus Magazines, headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai and New York City, is now the leading media company in the world in terms of our communications expertise and next-generation specialization. Our publishing division creates stunning luxury travel magazines written in Mandarin for a readership of highly influential and affluent Chinese-speaking travelers.

Our audience is extremely sophisticated and demands high quality in every aspect of their lives. We represent the voice of Chinese tourists who travel independently to discover the finest that the world has to offer. They stay in the very best hotels, shop in luxury retail boutiques and they travel in business class or private jets. They seek out peak experiences wherever they are. What our audience has told us they do not want are group tourist junkets with packed busses, low-rent hotels on the seamy side of the city, droning tour leaders waiving little flags, and the compulsory stops at kick-back souvenir shops.

The Digital Future
All our publications are digital, available on the web and mobile devices like smartphones and iPads. From the very beginning, our magazines have been designed with digital in mind. We have developed our own proprietary digital publishing technology in order to seamlessly integrate our content with Chinese social media networks.

Our magazines are nothing like traditional tourist brochures. We do not simply, compile boring listings of average hotels and restaurants.
The flagship journals have a carefully curated content made to empower our Chinese readers We offer them first-hand access to luxury travel insights that they would never find in any other Chinese publication.

Images rule our design. We have sought out and secured some of the world’s best photographers to chronicle this luxurious world with images that capture a spirit and deliver a rush of emotion.

Our articles are written directly in Chinese language by our in-house editorial team of talented Chinese editors, based in Shanghai. The stories go far beyond mere descriptions. They evoke the beauty and majesty of destinations or tell compelling stories about the global travel experience that is waiting for our readers. They are not just reporters. They are dream-builders who help readers to anticipate the astounding experiences that are on the way.
100% of the articles are exclusive and produced by us alone. We do not curate or republish content already seen on any other Chinese or international media channels.

Three Segments
Our three top-flight luxury publications, each designed to reach a very unique segment, are:

Shanghai Travelersʼ Club magazine
This glossy magazine has become the number one reading destination for Chinese world travelers of the highest net worth. As you would expect from Chinaʼs leading international luxury travel magazine, you are entering a world of private jets, super yachts, private islands and the most breath-taking resorts and spas on Earth, accompanied by related travel concepts such limited edition jewelry for special occasions and designer fashions for leisurewear.

Luxury Hotels of America magazine
This may be an independent and affluent Chinese traveler’s first introduction to the US. Typical articles cover planning a luxury leisure trip to the US focused on exclusive and original travel experiences unique to the US such as cattle drives in the Old West. The audience may be searching for the absolute finest quality hotels or B&B’s with historical significance or real estate investment opportunities that can’t be discovered anywhere else.

Niuyue Mag
(“Niuyue” Means “New York City” in Chinese)

This is the home for the next generation of Chinese travelers who are young (20 to 25 years old) and affluent. They are looking for urban, stylish articles covering the most exciting aspects of The Big Apple. Stories that resonate with them include photo-essays on exclusive boutique hotels, coverage of the exciting nightclubs that are currently attracting celebrities and influence-makers, introductions to the latest exhibits at the city’s many art galleries, and intimate profiles of New York’s first-class fashion designers, urban artists and performers.

Why Advertise with China Elite Focus Magazines?
More than 100 million Chinese outbound travelers spending more than $30 billion abroad in travel expenses. Capturing the respect and trust of that market can become an enormous revenue engine for companies in any industry. Over the past few years, targeting affluent Chinese consumers has been at the core of nearly every global advertising strategy for brands in sectors such as hospitality, tourism, retail, fashion, luxury goods, airports, airlines, and real estate. Enterprises and organizations that are featured in our magazines enjoy an endorsement effect with affluent Chinese travelers who have come to trust our publications. They consider us as trusted travel advisors and seek out our advice.

Our content has become so valuable by staying laser-focussed on the interests of the most affluent Chinese consumers. This audience sees luxury shopping and entertainment as the core of their travel experience abroad and purchasing the finest luxury goods outside China as a sign of social status. They are motivated by discovering and sharing their detailed knowledge of luxury goods that can be secured at a better price than in China, as well as those markets that offer greater choice and an overall better quality of customer service.

Globally, our publications and affiliated networks reach more than 300,000 highly affluent Chinese consumers who are independent frequent travelers and actively searching for luxury items and experiences. They represent one of the hardest markets to reach because they highly prize their privacy, but they are also the most lucrative once you secure their trust. They spend over $1.5 billion every year during their international trips and there is no reason you can’t become one of their favored travel suppliers. Connect with the future of luxury travelers in China Elite Focus Magazines.